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1,500mg Daily Oral Drops


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Daily Oral drops, this high percentage of CBD combined with our 100% reverse engineered 'Super Lemon Haze' Marijuana terpene profile is a high dosage and only recommended for those who have used similar or lower strength CBD Reverse Nature.

Those that require a high dosage of CBD, we suggest half a pipette under the tongue, once in the morning and again in the evening.

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Robert P.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Good. For my daughter who finds it helps with her fibromyalgia

Robbie W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Off the pain killers

After years of a crumbling spine, and taking over 30 tablets a day, my social life was non existent, I was jobless, and on the sick waiting for the day for surgery to come. When it did eventually arrive, my painkillers were reduced to 12 a day, and this never changed until I was introduced to SLH 1,500 drops. I have been taking this now into my second month and take two dosages a day! I bought this on the 28th June, I haven't taken a pain killer since the 4th July! 100% natural, no liver, kidney, and pancreas damaging pharma prescribed painkillers for me anymore!

Andy f.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
You have to give Reverse nature a go !

I feel totally compelled to leave feedback about this product. I have for well over 20 years suffered convulsive seizures. I am now in to my 50's so this has all been brought about by my lifestyle during the hedonistic days of the late 70's and early 80's and believe that this was a massive contributor for me suffering endless fits and seizures, I have gone through copious amounts of prescribed medication to bring my seizures under control, yet I still found myself having bouts of seizures although I was told that these should stop them. My life was constantly being hindered, as it was very hard to make plans as I was unsure if I would be able to make plans to go anywhere or do anything. I have been taking TREGATOL for my seizures for sometime, yet I was still having these seizures. I was introduced to Reverse Nature almost two months ago, and the way I felt, I had nothing to lose other than to take the highest strength. To be honest, I was told how much to take but I was taking a little bit more than I was told too. I am now very close to two months SEIZURE FREE! I haven't been two months seizure for over 20 years, I have done no different other than start taking Reverse Nature 1,500mg. I would like to say to the makers of Reverse Nature, thank you, thank you, thank you, this product has been a real game changer for me. I have read all the other reviews on this page, and I can see that it is working for so many people. Anyone who suffers with fits or seizures then please give the 1,500mg drops ago!

United Kingdom United Kingdom
recommending Reverse Nature CBD to everyone!

We were playing around with the idea of trying my dad with CBD oil for a while to help ease the symptoms he was experiencing due to chemotherapy. We asked his doctors and they said that it would definitely cause no harm and would be worth a try, a response that didn’t leave us very high expectations but we would try anything if it helped him feel anyway better. He was experiencing pain, nausea, he was lethargic, and he had a lot of internally swelling which made it extremely difficult for him to eat and/or keep down food. We went into the store with a lot of questions and were very unsure about the product, it’s benefits and just CBD as a whole. The staff were extremely helpful and really knew what they were talking about. Rian was able to answer all our question and gave us so much more information and help than we thought we even needed. We started my dad on the 1500mg CBD oil that day. He hadn’t been able to eat properly in weeks as aforementioned and only a few hours after he took the first few drops of this product he was able to eat a full meal! We started my dad on the oil on a Monday and by the Thursday he was able to attend my college graduation, something we thought would never happen the weekend before hand, and not only was he able to come to the ceremony and meal in what was a very long day for anyone, he did it two days in a row when he attended my boyfriends graduation too! Only the weekend before this he couldn’t even shower with out having to rest afterwards and now, after taking the CBD oil for only three days he was out and about, with far more energy, eating properly for the first time in months and had so much of an appetite that he even had a dessert for he first time in about a year! The difference this product has made to my dad, and in such a short space of time is truly phenomenal! I would urge anyone considering trying CBD oil for whatever reason to definitely pop into the shop, the staff are so helpful and so informed and the product is the most amazing thing I’ve seen in years! My dad was taking numerous gastro-resistant and anti nausea tablets to try to combat his symptoms with no results, he continued to take these tablets since they were prescribed to him but he never got any relief with these tablets, however he immediately found relief when he took the CBD oil and has since stopped taking the tablets that were prescribed. I can not emphasize enough how profound and immediate the results were for my dad with this product and I would and am recommending Reverse Nature CBD to everyone!

United Kingdom United Kingdom
diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis

Hiya, diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2009 and started disease modifying drugs after the birth of my daughter in 2010. Unfortunately suffered several relapses in 2011 resulting in disease progression so went into 4 weekly infusions of a more aggressive treatment. Now nearly 10 years on I suffer with pain in my legs due to nerve damage and electric shock type pain from nerve “short circuits”. I have been prescribed a cocktail of pregablin, amitriptaline and baclofen which all helped but came with their own set of side effects and issues. My immune system is also seriously compromised as a result of the MS and treatment. I had researched cbd oils and tried some store bought ones that had little effect then decided to bite the bullet and spend more money in the hopes of finding a better quality oil. Reverse nature is far superior to other oils I have tried and has allowed me to reduce prescription medication. It’s not a cure or a miracle fix for me and I wouldn’t use it instead of the disease modifying treatment but it really helps and has allowed me to reduce the muscle relaxant type tablets that leave me groggy. It helps with better nights sleep and seems to be helping my immune system work more efficiently and is really helping manage the pain. If your on the fence or wondering whether to give it a go I would recommend doing so but not wasting your money on inferior products and go straight for reverse nature. If your wondering if it works, like I did, then having a couple of days break whilst waiting for my delivery (my error) will make you realise what it’s doing