We have on several occasions been asked how Reverse Nature was conceived, it's a story that we now believe should be told.

In 2016 we were invited by a bio-sciences company based in Vanuatu to travel to Colorado to create a full CBD/THC vaping product. Although medical marijuana is legal in the state, their concern the carcinogens created by those suffering many ailments will be inhaling whilst rolling and smoking marijuana. Our Production Manager who had years of experience in the marijuana industry travelled to Colorado where we undertook the task of creating a vaping product where the base ingredients have already been proven to be 95% safer than smoking traditional leaf products.

We created a product for the bio-sciences company that is now on sale in America. On our return to the UK, we decided to explore further the benefits of the plant, not just the hemp plant, but a multitude of variations of the marijuana family. It became apparent rather quickly that we saw many benefits of the strain, 'Super Lemon Haze'.

We set out to explore this plant and during our research stages, we collaborated with a grow farm based in Colorado where we would be able to have a constant supply of CBD.

We had strong criteria for all partners for Reverse Nature and were delighted when the farm followed the ethos of Reverse Nature. We were also aware of the importance of the plants' natural terpene profile, we scoured and researched many medical case studies in regard to the attributes of terpenes, studies based on specific plant profiling, and importantly real use case studies. We approached one of the world leading research centres on medical marijuana studies based in Israel to discuss our process, and our aims to bring to the market a full profiled marijuana product without the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

After a 6 months trial, going back and forth to the drawing board, we launched our first batch of Reverse Nature CBD During April 2016 our Operations Manager Lee Marchant was given the dreadful news of being diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. Lee's prognosis wasn't good, Lee had been given 6-8 months if he was lucky. The specialist did not offer chemotherapy radiotherapy, immunology, anything!

Lee was a damn fine Operations Manager and friend, to all of us here at Reverse Nature, and it was during this time, Lee took it upon himself to study further into cannabis, and alternative remedies to help combat his disease and extend his life. It was during Lee's research, that he came across a product that is now fundamental in our oral products.

Lee researched the attributes of Apricot Kernel Oil, although he had started taking CBD within a week of his diagnosis, by September 2016, Lee was still very healthy, still in work, and leading a relatively normal life without pain. Lee was taking 1,500mg CBD with Apricot Kernel Oil.

Lee continued to take CBD for a further 14 months before he passed away on 01st November 2017. Lee's life was relatively pain-free, right up until the last days of his life, and Lee put this down to CBD.

We at Reverse Nature owe a tremendous amount to Lee, his studies, and his legacy he has left us with Reverse Nature. It is now down to us and our partners, teams of specialists and researchers, to keep our efforts on partnering with world leaders of research, to fulfil our own research and give hope for the those who seek to improve their well being.

LEE MARCHANT 16-02-1971 - 01-11-2017