Reverse Nature CBD has been a labour of love for our research teams.

We have scoured the four corners of the globe to hand pick our research partners to ensure that an ethical approach to marijuana cultivation, research in the reverse engineering of the marijuana strains are consistent to our company ethos.

All Reverse Nature products are produced in the UK.

The Road to a Better You

At Reverse Nature CBD, we sincerely care about your well-being.

We continue to thrive to bring you the most advance products by continually researching new ways to ensure that the products we produce, are leading the way, where one day, we will be able to bring you full spectrum CBD/THC medicinal products.

We are the first company to combine CBD and Reverse Engineered Terpenes with Apricot Kernel Oil.

Much has been written on the benefits to cell rejuvenation by using B17, and we believe by using Apricot Kernel Oil in this way will be highly beneficial for your well-being

To understand the fundamentals of CBD, we also need to understand the plants terpene profile.

It is essential in your general well-being to absorb the marijuana strains natural terpene profile which also acts with your cannabinoid receptors to distribute to areas of your body where these essential oils are needed to aid.