Reverse Nature

900mg Daily Oral Drops


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Daily Oral drops, this medium to high percentage of CBD combined with our 100% reverse engineered 'Super Lemon Haze' Marijuana terpene profile is a medium to high dosage and only recommended for those who have used similar or lower strength CBD Reverse Nature. 

Those that require a medium to high dosage of CBD, we suggest half a pipette under the tongue, once in the morning and again in the evening.

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Dave .
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Excellent product helped with my knee pain and arthritis in my hands.. would recommend this product to anyone suffering

United Kingdom United Kingdom

This product is amazing...since taking this I am now off my anxiety medication after 8 years..also found it very uplifting and also helped with my lower back pain ..

Lynn B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Brilliant pain relief

My daughter suffered terribly with pain as a result of scoliosis and fibromyalgia .She reacted badly to medication from her GP. Since trying Reverse Nature she is able to control the pain with no nasty side effects. she started on 450mg but found the 900 mg helped much more. I would definitely recommend trying the oral drops.

Mel m.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Really worked and I feel great !

I used and use the 900mg vape liquid. I suffer from anxiety, OCD and bipolar. My bipolar brings on episodes of anger I can not always keep a lid on. I was on high doses of medication. The medication was so strong that my home could have been burning down and I wouldn't have really cared.. They zoned me out far too much. Now for anyone that understands the crippling fear of rejection and constantly trying to please people that your anxiety goes through the roof, the OCD goes on a mad one because you have lost all control and then the bipolar.. Oh the bipolar, never an even emotion in sight, but reverse nature's super lemon haze allows me to feel more content and stable headed. I was a bit dubious at first but it is good it really does work.

Rob C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I would recommend this product to anyone

I suffer from lack of sleep, and this then leads on to stressed skin, which in turn leads me to scratch my skin. Leading to sores. Now I cannot take anti-histimes, and the doctor just want to give me steroid cream, ( so long term use skin will be worse and I am not getting any younger). Doctors are not brilliant at this sort of issue, and the money I have spent on Doctors for prescriptions that only make it worse in the long run. So I thought, lets give this a try, I have nothing to lose and it is a natural product. Tried reverse nature and my sleep is improving, some days are better than others, but early days, and I feel I am going forward. but also changing diet, so body has a bit going on. I would recommend this product to anyone, and I will carry on using it,